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Gradara e il suo castello cornice di turismo sportivo e tornei

Castle of Gradara

The castle of Gradara with the fortified village is among the best preserved medieval architectures in Italy, the two ramparts that protect the fortress - the outer wall extends over almost 800 meters – make Gradara one of the most impressive castles in the country.

The fortification stands on a hill at 142 meters above sea level with the keep, the main tower, reaching a height of 30 meters to dominate the entire valley.

Since ancient times, the convenient location has made Gradara to an intersection of many roads and meeting place of many peoples. In the Middle Ages the fortress was one of the main sites of the clashes between the Pope and the ruling families of the Marches and Romagna, while today, thanks to its proximity to the sea, it is within a few minutes drive from one of the most popular tourist areas in Italy, the Riviera of the Marches and the Romagna.

Lucrezia Borgia and Francesca di Rimini stayed in the castle of Gradara. Here the tragic love story between Paolo and Francesca took place, told by the National Italian poet Dante Alighieri in the fifth canto of the Inferno of his Divine Comedy - a tradition that gives Gradara a unique atmosphere of mystery and romance.